Answers to common dentistry questions

How do I register for routine dental care?

We would be delighted to accept you as a patient if you want to register with us. Please make an appointment, call us on 01273 327270.

How much will my treatment cost?

Often not as much as you might expect. All treatment plans and solutions are designed to meet your particular requirements and you will be made fully aware of the investment required for your various treatment options. A detailed treatment plan is agreed and costs/payment options will be explained in full. We offer competitive membership plans, and 0% finance on treatments over £350.00

Do white fillings last as long as metal fillings?

Due to improvements in materials white fillings can now last as long if not longer than metal fillings. Due to different methods of bonding white fillings the tooth preparation needed for a white filling is usually more conservative than for metal fillings, so precious tooth tissue is kept. The aesthetic benefit of white fillings is fantastic, many are difficult to detect!

Will my procedure hurt?

All dental procedures should be relatively pain free. If you experience any pain during a dental procedure inform your dentist immediately.