What do our clients say?

'I haven't been to a dentist for many years, but, having been to Somerhill Dental Practice
I will be coming along far more regularly in the future. It has to be the best dentist in Hove
and I recommend them to anyone'

Mr B - Portslade

‘The treatment you have done for me has improved my appearance but more than that it has
given me a new found confidence. I am laughing a lot more now and people have already
commented on this. Thank you for all your efforts; it really is much appreciated.’

Maggie - Crawley Down

To the crew at Somerhill ...

The staff they are so bright and cheery,
they dont walk round, all sad and sneery.

The first you see are at the desk
and they will also do their very best,
to fit you in to see the Dentist,
or for a clean, the Hygienist.

To have teeth out, to have teeth in,
either way, you always win.
They are so caring, they are so nice,
I would not think, of not coming twice.

So do yourself a favour, please come to Somerhill for all your needs.

Mick - (a happy customer)

Inman Aligner feedback :-

[JF] Having warn a fixed brace as a teenager I was dissapointed to find that my front teeth had gradually become more crooked. I had become very self conscious about smiling and the way my teeth looked in photos.

When I was told about the Inman Aligner and how it could straighten my teeth in only 12 weeks, I was more than pleased to give it a go, especially as it was cheaper ((and a much shorter treatment time) than Invisalign. I must admit I had second thoughts over the first week or so as I struggled with speaking clearly and produced a ridiculous amount of saliva!

After just 3 weeks my teeth had already moved significantly and there was a noticeable improvement in my front two teeth especially. I got married around halfway through the treatment and felt able to smile freely and with confidence in all the photos, due to the difference that had already been made.

Throughout the treatment Emma has been great at explaining each part of the process, and has taken time to answer my questions. I am extremely pleased with the end result.

[PK] The 'before' pics are pretty gruesome - what a a brilliant job you've done. Thank you again, with the biggest smile!

[SA] The best thing is within 3 months I have the smile that I always wanted.

[Hygienist] The Inman system is a quick and simple way of solving problems of calculus build-up due to inabilities to clean crooked teeth. I have seen some excellent results with gum health and appearance because the teeth are easier to maintain and clean.