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Modern Slavery Statement

At Somerhill Dental Practice  we recognise that we have a duty in preventing abuse. The duty includes a responsibility in relation to prevention of Modern Day Slavery.


Where abuse of any kind is suspected or identified we ensure that we respond according to our practice procedures and local guidance, and we ensure that suspected or identified victims are referred to the appropriate agency or agencies.


At Somerhill Dental Practice we consider all incidents of abuse and modern-day slavery to be unacceptable and especially so when the victim is a child or is deemed to be vulnerable. 


We ensure that through training we promote a culture and environment in which all team members can recognise abuse or enslavement of any kind. Team members know they must record details of any suspected or confirmed incident and they must report any incident promptly to the practice safeguarding lead, Emma Hutchinson.


All referrals are followed up to ensure appropriate action has been taken.


Somerhill Dental Practice takes modern day slavery seriously and understands that any breaches of the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015 can result in disciplinary action, changes to or cancellation of the registered person or provider by the CQC and punitive action under the Act.


Somerhill Dental Practice safeguarding lead is: Emma Hutchinson


Contact details: 01273 327270



This Statement on Modern Day Slavery was implemented on 18.07.2021 and will be reviewed annually. It is due for review on: 17.11.2022 or prior to this date in accordance with new guidance or legislative changes.

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