Membership Plans & Fees

Membership Plans

We offer bespoke dental Memebership Plans at Somerhill Dental, to ensure that you are always on top of your oral health and can spread the cost of your essential, routine dental care over the course of the year.

We offer four plans, determined by your particular needs.

Never miss a routine dental health check again, with our Somerhill Dental Membership Plans.

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Fee Guide

New Patient Examination

Children's Exams 0-10 years
Children's Exams 10-18 years
Children's plan membership 10-18 years

Emergency non-registered/registered
Routine Examination
Panoramic x-ray
Routine Hygiene Appointment
Non-surgical periodontal treatment
White fillings (from)
Teeth Whitening (at home)/in-chair
Clear Aligners/Invisible Orthodontics
Root Canal Treatment
Extraction/Minor Oral Surgery
Crowns (from)
Bridges (per unit) 
Snoring Appliance 
Soft Splint (for grinding)
Dentures (acrylic) from
Dentures (flexible) from 
Sports Guard 
Smile Design


£7 per month

£95/£70 + cost of treatment
£160 per hour
£95 to £250
from £2,185 (free consultation)
from £230 to £500
from £135 to £250
£650 to £750
£830 to £1,550
£450 to £1100
£600 to £1,200
from £2,242.50
Free consultation

A full no-obligation treatment estimate will be provided prior to the commencement of treatment. We offer 0% finance options on treatment over £350 please ask at reception for details. This list is not exhaustive and is a small representation of treatments that we provide


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